“Our technology is flexible, so I’d like to discuss the industry at large. That way, customers can come to us with their ideas about how they could use our technology.”

Thankfully, as I’ve progressed in my career, my poker face has gone from nonexistent to excellent. So, I don’t think my face betrayed my thought when I heard this statement, which was, “That is the worst go-to-market plan ever.”

You cannot discuss your cool technology, snuggle under the covers, and expect to generate leads from people who have ideas how they can use it.

That is the job of product management and product marketing. There are reasons these two disciplines exist in tech firms, and it’s not for lack of clever prospects.

To Sell Tech, Sell Solutions

You don’t sell technology, you go to market with solutions. I know it’s a common term and my distinction may engender exasperation. I’m not referring specifically to the label on your website menu. “Products” is a great option. It happens to be my preference for software.

But when I click that option, you’d better tell me what problems your tech solves. There is a place for ‘speeds and feeds,’ but it’s incumbent upon you to articulate key value propositions.

Why Customers Buy

No one gets a purchase requisition approved for “cool tech.” B2B products and services are purchased because they fulfill specific needs. They enable businesses to increase revenue, reduce costs, or save time. The ways in which your tech accomplishes this for your customers is what you need to clarify through your various content marketing assets. It should be communicated with great storytelling, both go-to-market messaging that describes how the tech can help, and case studies summarizing how it did help reference customers.

Product Marketing = Storytelling?

Yes, storytelling. While the term often refers to fiction, it also encompasses the communication of real events in a compelling, entertaining way. Content marketing can be more fun than RFP responses. Infuse humor, highlight measurable results, and elaborate on the pain of the challenges your tech solves.

Do you have a clearly articulated unique selling proposition? Are you interested in pursuing a new vertical and want to clarify the value you bring to those new prospects? Contact me to discuss how I can help drive prospects to and through your pipeline, rather than waiting for clever prospects to jump in.

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