Successful content marketing offers content that is of interest and value to your target audience, rather than simply talking about your business. To this end, many companies are choosing to create news sites centered on a key theme, consisting primarily of non-branded, third-party content. Fantastic software apps exist, such Curata Content Curation Software, to empower the search and posting of such articles.

Automotive IT News is a Content Curation News Site created with the Curata platform by Megan BozmanI’ve created such sites to reach target audiences with high-value, current content. In conjunction with Curata, I presented on a webinar to tell the story of creating Automotive IT News and growing our audience through primarily organic means, including Twitter.

My extensive expertise with the Curata platform is complemented by my ability to find relevant content sources, organize the data into a well-structured site, and discover relevant journalists, in addition to authoring unique content.