Demand generation initiatives often require content as fuel. I enjoy working with subject matter experts to leverage their expertise to create a variety of content formats, such as blogs, E-books, white papers, and simple videos. I’ve outlined the following services, but am happy to discuss any other possibilities:

  • Technology Blogging
  • Testimonial and Case Study Content Creation
  • Sales Enablement
  • Webinar Production

Technology Blogging

Just like demand gen requires content as fuel, websites also require content for SEO, particularly fresh content, often in the form of blogs. With 18 years’ experience in B2B technology I can bring fresh blogs to your site, with insight on the latest in technology. I currently blog for clients in IoT, unified communications, and cybersecurity.

I write blogs independently, based on current industry research, as well as input from your subject matter experts. While I recommend blogs remain non-promotional, I will incorporate your key value propositions as appropriate to amplify your messages.

All blogs are search engine optimized for relevant keywords. I also included royalty-free images and can upload to your site.

Testimonial and Case Study Content Creation

A satisfied customer telling the story of their successes with your technology can make a powerful content asset that can be leveraged for demand gen as well as throughout the sales cycle. I enjoy interviewing customers to uncover these stories and depicting them in various ways, including written case studies, brief testimonial videos, and blog posts. My testimonial creation process includes:

  1. Customer outreach
  2. Conducting interviews, often 20 minutes
  3. Video editing ‘rough cut,’ typically down to 2:30
  4. Writing final case studies, press releases, blog posts, supporting tweets, etc.

Sales Enablement

Companies often have ‘tribal knowledge’ which is challenging to pass along to colleagues and new hires. I enjoy documenting this knowledge and supplementing it with additional insight to empower sales teams to go to market. I’ve equipped multiple sales teams with “Sales Support Kits” comprised of assets for external promotion as well as internal reference materials such as:

  • Feature / Advantage / Benefit Charts
  • Objection Handling
  • FAQ
  • Competitive Comparisons
  • Scripts

Webinar Production

Good stories should be told through multiple mediums: images via infographic, 140 characters on Twitter, live conference presentations, and webinars. While the primary messages communicated may remain the same, each medium requires tailoring.

I’ve produced many live webinars including creating PPT, promotional materials, and live presentations.